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Green Anderson Engineers, Inc.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

June 2003

If you had the opportunity to purchase a software tool that decreased the amount of time it took you to complete a project by as much as 80%, would you buy it? Ron McClane did.

He and others are part of the team of 17 engineering professionals at Green Anderson Engineers, Inc. who have since reaped the benefits of greatly improved workflow efficiency using Design Master Software products.

We asked Ron to take some time out of his busy schedule to tell us more about how he is using Design Master HVAC and Design Master Electrical to make his life at work a lot easier, while still turning out the highest quality, accurate drawings.

DM: What were your primary reasons for selecting Design Master software?

RM: For our mechanical engineers, we were looking for a design tool that could handle sizing and drawing ductwork. For electrical, we wanted a program that could keep track of circuit loads and generate panel board schedules, as well as size feeders.

DM: What features of the software are most useful to you?

RM: DM HVAC's duct sizing and automated two-line ductwork functions are great, as is the function for creating sections. The electrical program, DM ELEC, automates the process of creating circuiting/panel schedules and generating the feeder schedule.

DM: Can you describe a situation where Design Master saved you time, made a process easier, or made your life a whole lot easier?

RM: Sure. One situation where Design Master saved our team a lot of valuable time was when an electrical designer--using the software for the first time since training--circuited power and lighting on half of a 380,000 SF high school in about 8 hours!

DM: How do you feel that Design Master differs from other similar products?

RM: Where I feel Design Master separates itself from the competition is their customer support. They are very dedicated to making sure Design Master is working for their clients. The support team response is always very prompt and friendly. As for the software itself, it is well organized and easy to use.