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WB Electric, Inc.

Yorba Linda, California

May 2004

WB Electric, Inc. in Yorba Linda, California, is an electrical design/build firm with dedicated designers, like Ed Harrell. The other day we asked Ed a few questions about learning how to use Design Master Electrical and how it has affected his work.

Ed started off by describing himself as "kind of a computer geek," and said it took him about ten days to become proficient with DM Electrical. Once he got over the initial learning curve and became familiar with the software, he "ran with it."

Ed acknowledged that there are other third party programs for doing electrical designs in AutoCAD, but he chose to go with DM Electrical. Once he saw a demo of the software he said, "I never looked back at anything else." He claims it has made his job as an electrical designer easier from day one for the following reasons:

Ed continued, saying, "I love the photometric calculations in DM Electrical. I have used it on numerous car dealerships where I have been responsible for designing the complete set of electrical plans. The ease of use makes it far superior to the programs and instructions the lighting companies give me. It’s phenomenally good!"

We thanked Ed for all this incredible praise of the software, and then asked him to share his favorite DM Electrical feature. He immediately chose the circuiting and panel schedule routines. What he shared next spoke volumes about the everyday usefulness of this software.

"Some guys don’t want to bother with setting up the control panels, they want to get right to the design, but not me, I spend that time up front. It only takes me a few minutes, but it keeps me on track. If I am interrupted during my circuiting, whether by a phone call or a lunch meeting, when I come back, I have a program that keeps track for me. I know where I left off, which fixtures are circuited, and which are not. I have fewer errors, fewer reviews, and my design time has been cut at least in half. I couldn’t be happier."

We think he pretty much says it all right there.