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Webb Engineering

Mebane, NC

October 2011

Webb Engineering Switches from AutoCAD MEP Back to Design Master

David WebbWebb Engineering is an MEP engineering design firm based in Mebane, NC. Focused mainly on commercial work, the company can handle any size job from smaller restaurant, retail store or church additions up to large, complex new construction projects of 30,000 sq. ft. or more. The business is owned and managed by David Webb.

Switching from AutoCAD MEP to Design Master

"I first purchased Design Master some years ago when I was working with a design/build contractor", Mr. Webb explains. "They were doing in-house building design and hired me to bring the MEP engineering services in-house in support of their existing design and architectural staff.

"I needed some engineering support beyond just drawing everything with lines and circles. I researched different options extensively, and Design Master Software had the most complete package out there. We bought it and really liked it.

"When I started my own firm, the local sales rep convinced me to transfer my AutoCAD license from my former job to my new business at a reduced fee, and add AutoCAD MEP. Money was tight so I chose to save a bit of upfront cost hoping everything would work out in the end.

"After about a year, I was getting more and more work - but the tight schedules were killing me. I thought: 'I didn't have this problem when I had Design Master.' That's when I came back - and I'm so glad I did," Mr. Webb asserts. 

Meeting cost and schedule demands

“What brought me back to Design Master was the higher productivity it offers for a small operation like mine. I don't have a staff of CAD people to help me work with a cumbersome application like AutoCAD MEP or Revit.”
David Webb, owner

"Many clients hire me through or along with an architect or design/build contractor, because they know they need to go through a permitting process," continues Mr. Webb. "Especially for small business owners, a driving force in choosing an engineer is economies in the upfront costs. And because they need to get a permit before they can start construction, let alone open their doors and start taking in revenue, they also want that process to be fast and smooth.

"What brought me back to Design Master was the higher productivity it offers for a small operation like mine. I don't have a staff of CAD people to help me work with a cumbersome application like AutoCAD MEP or Revit.

"Design Master lets me work very efficiently, so I can charge a fee that's in the range my clients are looking for. It also lets me produce a clean design in a tight timeframe that gets my clients into and through the permitting process quickly.

"Design Master also enables me to quickly make changes on the fly during or after the permitting process. Clients call me and say they want XYZ light fixture or this kind of sink. Even if it's something I've never seen before, I'm able to really quickly incorporate it into the plans and move right on," Mr. Webb states.

Handling any size job

"Another value I find with Design Master is that it can scale up to handle anything from the smallest job to the largest job with equal ease," says Mr. Webb. "I don't need different software to handle bigger jobs.

"I also like the fact that Design Master Software is always up to speed with what's going on in our industry. I haven't yet been asked to, but if my clients ever need me to work in a 3D context I know the software can handle it," Mr. Webb adds.

Superior support

"Another advantage Design Master offers is really good support. They understand my perspective as an engineer. And if I need to send them information or let them take a look at a file, the software automatically gathers up what's needed and sends it off with one click - that's really great.

"With AutoCAD I'd wait three days to hear back from somebody who didn't really understand my question in the first place. I appreciate that Design Master is focused on supporting the engineering community rather than the CAD world," says Mr. Webb.

The bottom line

"Because it lets me meet their cost and schedule demands, Design Master software helps me get clients in the first place. It also gets me repeat business from architects and design/build contractors who hire me over and over because I've satisfied their clients in the past.

"The bottom line is that Design Master enables me to stay competitive and make money in a tough business climate," concludes Mr. Webb.