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Adicot, Inc.

Sarasota, FL

June 2015

Design Master HVAC “Has Transformed What the Business Can Be” for Adicot, Inc.

Adrienne Gould-ChoquetteAdicot, Inc. provides a full range of HVAC and mechanical engineering services to contractors and architects in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Based in Sarasota, Florida, Adicot, Inc. was founded on the principles of “engineered comfort” by Adrienne Gould-Choquette, P.E. in October 2014.

“The company where I worked previously used software that was an add-on to AutoCAD,” Ms. Gould-Choquette recalls. “I found it tedious and restrictive. So when I came across the Design Master website I made a note of it.”

“I’m so thankful that when the time came to invest in my own software I remembered Design Master HVAC—because it has greatly enhanced the service that I can provide to my clients,” states Ms. Gould-Choquette.

Levels the playing field

“Design Master HVAC lets me design so much faster and more efficiently that I can compete directly with bigger firms,” Ms. Gould-Choquette explains. “The software I used previously wasn’t ‘intelligent,’ so things like moving and resizing ductwork all had to be done manually. I was spending more time drafting than I was engineering.”

“Design Master HVAC lets me design so much faster and more efficiently that I can compete directly with bigger firms.”
Adrienne Gould-Choquette, P.E.

Ms. Gould-Choquette continues: “Design Master HVAC automatically recalculates everything related to whatever changes you make. For example, if you move a diffuser in such a way that the duct size has to change, that happens automatically.

“The fact that load calculations are integrated with the design is huge. Without Design Master, if an architect called and said they were changing the quality of the windows in the building or rotating the building 30° on the site, I’d have to go back to square one with my load calculations.

“Design Master HVAC handles those kinds of shifts with a click of a button, so I no longer have to worry about the minutiae of drafting,” Ms. Gould-Choquette clarifies. “Now I have more time to devote to the design.”

Delivering superior quality and value

“At my prior firm, contractors would often ask if we could provide takeoffs,” Ms. Gould-Choquette relates. “We didn’t offer that service because it was too time-consuming for us.”

“But Design Master HVAC generates takeoffs automatically, so I can easily include them with all my designs. Every one of my customers gets a takeoff report that they can use for estimating or going out for bid,” says Ms. Gould-Choquette.

“Another thing I love about Design Master HVAC is how great the drawings look,” Ms. Gould-Choquette adds. “When my clients see my designs they often remark on how beautiful they are: they’re intuitive, easy to read and esthetically pleasing.”

Exceptional customer support

“When I first got the software I dedicated a weekend to getting familiar with it,” remembers Ms. Gould-Choquette. “Then on Monday morning I started using it to design four 30-unit apartment buildings.

“There I was committed to a major project and learning new software at the same time. Fortunately the software is very intuitive and Design Master’s customer support is exceptional—almost immediate.

“Now I’m using the software confidently,” Ms. Gould-Choquette reports. “As I learn new tricks I become even more efficient and can offer an even better product with even faster turnaround.” 

Peace of mind

Ms. Gould-Choquette considers: “Would I be where I am today without Design Master HVAC? The software lets me scale up and take on projects that would be more than I could confidently handle otherwise.

“Not only can I get more jobs thanks to Design Master, but also I’m more profitable. Plus it’s helping me build a solid reputation and get repeat and word-of-mouth business.

“Design Master HVAC has transformed what my business can be. But the biggest benefit to me is peace of mind: It’s knowing that my quality is exceptional and that I can meet project timelines.

“I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I found Design Master HVAC,” Ms. Gould-Choquette concludes.