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Strunk-Albert Engineering

East Stroudsburg, PA

March 2015

Design Master Electrical Helps Strunk-Albert Engineering Deliver High-Quality Designs Faster

Strunk-Albert Engineering is a full-service building consultant firm located in East Stroudsburg, PA. Serving clients in northeast Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey since 1988, the company takes on the full spectrum of commercial and large-scale residential work, including offices, schools, municipal structures and industrial buildings. Strunk-Albert currently has about fifteen employees.

Jason Palmieri, Electrical Designer, and Steven Sobrinsky, Electrical Designer, have been enthusiastic Design Master Electrical users since 2005. According to Mr. Sobrinsky, “At that time we were trying various ways in-house to speed up our schedules and calculations. We kept banging our heads against the wall until finally we went online and discovered Design Master Electrical.”

Accelerates every project by “at least 25%”

“The software makes every project at least 25% faster, which lets us get work done on the fast-paced deadlines that our architect customers set,” Mr. Palmieri quantifies. “These days everyone needs changes immediately, and Design Master lets us make changes and turn revised drawings around for architects much quicker.”

“Design Master lets us make changes and turn revised drawings around for architects much quicker.”
Jason Palmieri, Electrical Designer

“Anytime we make changes to a drawing all it takes is a single click of a button to update the panel schedule, which automatically updates all the load calculations,” Mr. Sobrinsky adds. “Or if we need to change the drawing scale partway through a project to accommodate an enlarged plan or whatever, all we have to do is change the scale in Design Master and everything resizes itself.”

“Just so easy to use”

Strunk-Albert currently has four Design Master Electrical users. “The software is extremely user-friendly and very easy to pick up,” says Mr. Palmieri. “We have two fairly new users, including one designer who previously had very little CAD experience. Even he picked Design Master up very quickly—it’s just so easy to use.”

Mr. Sobrinsky offers: “Another thing we’ve come to love about Design Master Software as a company is that anytime we have a question or issue we shoot them an email and they’re back to us immediately. Their customer service is far better than any other software vendor we deal with.”

Supports an outstanding reputation

“We get a lot of compliments from our architect and contractor end users, who say that our drawings are exceptionally clean, organized and usable,” notes Mr. Sobrinsky. “That definitely helps jobs go more smoothly.”

Mr. Palmieri amplifies: “We’ve actually had contractors tell us that when they see we’re the engineers on a project, they’ll bid it just because they know how good our drawings will be, which makes their job easier. That’s the level of quality Design Master Electrical helps us put out the door.

“Our reputation within the architectural community for quality of design also helps us when we’re bidding on projects,” continues Mr. Palmieri. “Without question our ability to get things done on time and make our customers happy with the help of Design Master brings us more business.”

A partner to depend on

“We’ve come to depend on Design Master because we know how well it works,” summarizes Mr. Sobrinsky. “When we first got it I did a lot of double-checking to make sure the calculations were correct. I hardly ever check it anymore because I know it’s right every time.”

“Personally I think we’d be lost without Design Master Electrical,” Mr. Palmieri concludes. “It’s such a great product.”