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Keith Engineering Design

Peoria, IL

July 2024

The Value of ElectroBIM for Keith Engineering Design

“ElectroBIM fills the void in our Revit workflow,” said Michael Bianchi, electrical engineer at Keith Engineering Design (KED) in Peoria, Illinois. “It has made our work much easier, smoother, cleaner, and more accurate, and ultimately it gives the client a better end product.”

KED is a full-service mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection (MEP/FP) engineering consulting firm serving healthcare, educational, industrial, commercial and municipal clients.

Although the company was founded in 2005, Michael's journey began as a college intern in 2019. His dedication and hard work earned him a full-time position as an electrical engineer, and since then, he has contributed significantly to the firm's projects.

Revit and ElectroBIM

Revit is an established industry leader in CAD and 3D modeling, especially for architectural and MEP structural drafting. However, like any technology, Revit has its limitations and frustrations that must be dealt with.

Design Master has been a staple at KED for some time, initially used in conjunction with AutoCAD. Michael was among the group advocating for a shift to ElectroBIM. The transition has been transformative, enabling seamless integration within Revit and enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of their projects.

“ElectroBIM fills the void in our Revit workflow.”

Advantages for KED

The adoption of ElectroBIM was driven by both KED’s internal needs and customer demands. One of the significant advantages of using ElectroBIM is the ability to accelerate projects.

“We’re able to speed up a timeline of a project so we can tell an architect, yeah, it won't take us eight weeks to do it,” Michael said. “We can do it in four because we have the assistance of ElectroBIM that keeps it all tied together.”

Another notable benefit of using ElectroBIM in Revit is the improved collaboration with those same architects. The ability to generate comprehensive one-line diagrams with a single click and provide a clear visual overview of the electrical system, makes it easier to communicate complex requirements to architects and contractors.

The Bottom Line

Michael's experience at Keith Engineering Design highlights the power of advanced software like Revit with ElectroBIM in electrical engineering.

The integration of these packages has not only enhanced efficiency but also strengthened collaboration, improved project outcomes, and leads to construction KED can be proud of.

“It's really cool to complete a project and then drive by it on your way to dinner three months down the line and point and look, hey, I did that building,” said Michael.