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Design Master November 2010 Newsletter

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Social Media Survey Results

Last month we included a survey in our newsletter asking about social media (blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter). The results of this survey were very clear. No one really uses, or even wants to use, social media.

Read Social Media Survey Results

Customer Case Study: ELEN Consulting Achieves Immediate Productivity with Design Master Electrical

Our customer story for November 2010 is ELEN Consulting.

Design Master Electrical has a major impact on our productivity, turnaround time and the accuracy of our drawings. We’re a more profitable company because of it.
Tim Locklear, Principal, ELEN Consulting

Features of the Month

The “Forgotten Feature” series we were running is being renamed “Feature of the Month.” This new name allows us to highlight features we think are interesting without having to justify why we consider them forgotten. The goal remains the same: highlight a different feature each month in the hopes that occasionally you will learn something new about what our software can do.

These are brief overviews of the features, not detailed tutorials. If you have specific questions on how to use them, let us know in the article comments, on the forums, or by sending us an email. 

HVAC: Building Load Calculations
Electrical: Swap and Copy Circuits
Plumbing: Automatic 45 Degree Fittings

One-Line Tutorials

Last month, we listed one-line riser diagrams as a forgotten feature. We did not mention one reason they are forgotten—previously, there was no documentation on how to use them. That has changed. On the support blog this month, there is a series of posts about how to use one-line riser diagrams. The series contains all the basics for using this feature, in addition to some advanced features and best practices.

Read about how to use one-line riser diagrams in Design Master Electrical.

Recent Support Blog Posts


The “Coordinate Drawings and Database” Command
How to Backup a Design Master Project


Loop in Ductwork Error


One-Line Riser Diagrams

Last Call for Beta Testers

We plan to start beta testing the next releases of our software this month. If you want to be involved in testing the new features, send us an email, and we will put you on our list.

If you have previously indicated you want to be a beta tester, there is no need to reply again. We will be contacting you as soon as the software is ready to be tested.