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Design Master June 2012 Newsletter

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Design Master User Conference 2012 (Orlando, FL)--For Experienced Users Only!

We are holding our Design Master User Conference in September in Orlando, FL. If you've been reading our newsletter the last couple of months, you should already know this. (If not, go to the conference page to learn more.) While emailing people and talking to them on the phone, the most common question we are asked is, Why should I attend if I am already an experienced Design Master user?

The answer is that experienced users are exactly who the conference is for! All classes cover advanced topics--there are no introductory classes or basic tutorials. We assume everyone is familiar with the basics of our software and is ready to explore the depth we have to offer.

And there's a lot of depth to cover! You are already familiar with a lot of the software, but there are definitely features you don't know about. In fact, we've found that the longer you've used the software, the more likely you are to be unaware of the more recently added features. We'll cover as much of the software as possible in nine hours to make sure you know about all the features that are available to you.

All the classes will be taught by David Robison, President and Lead Developer at Design Master Software. How often are you able to get training for any software from the lead developer? You can be confident that you will have an incredibly qualified instructor teaching you.

Plus, you get to spend time in Orlando, meet other Design Master users, and get some continuing education credits! We hope to see you in Orlando in September! Visit the conference page to learn more or to register.

Customer Story: Gulf States Engineering

Our customer story for June is Gulf States Engineering, a multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm with offices in Mobile, Alabama and Gulfport, Mississippi.