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Design Master September 2014 Newsletter

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Take the Fifth Annual BIM MEP Survey

For four years now, we have conducted a survey of engineers and designers in the MEP industry to learn about their experiences using building information modeling (BIM). We are running the same survey again this year to see how the adoption of this technology has changed. We would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to fill out our survey. The results, including a comparison with the surveys from the last four years, will be discussed in a newsletter later this year.

(Editor's Note: The survey has ended.)

You can read the results of last year’s survey here.

MEP Ninja

Three years ago we published our first MEP Ninja comic. If you missed them when they first came out or you are a new user, you should go take a look. They look at the world of MEP systems through the eyes of a ninja.

Read the comic.

Design Master “Fits Like a Glove” at Washington Engineering & Architecture, P.C.

Washington Engineering & Architecture, P.C. is a full-service design firm offering architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical and rendering services. The firm has been a Design Master customer since 2002 and currently uses both Design Master Electrical and Design Master HVAC. “As soon as I stumbled across the Design Master website we ordered the software and loved it,” Ron Unnerstall recalls. “The folks at Design Master are a small design firm just like us, in terms of their thinking, so the software just fits like a glove.”

Read more about Washington Engineering & Architecture.

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