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Design Master January 2016 Newsletter

Table of Contents

Sixth Annual MEP BIM Survey Results

This is the sixth year we have conducted our annual survey on the use of building information modeling (BIM) by engineers and designers in the MEP industry. Here is what we have learned:

This year we expanded the survey to look at uses of BIM other than for 3D collision detection. With these results we have a snapshot of the current use of BIM. In future years we will be able to look at how the use of BIM is changing.

Read the rest of the results article on our website.

Support Articles from the December and January Archives


Importing and Exporting Layer SystemsLinking or Importing an IFC File into Revit
Using Project Customization on New Projects
How to Print a Master Schedule
Customizing Schedule Columns


Export Load Calculations to Excel
Correctly Using ASHRAE 62.1 or IMC Ventilation Calculations
Ventilation or Psychrometric Airflow Values are 0
How to Hatch Ductwork
Changing Duct Offset in the Middle of a Duct Run
Ductwork Centerline Width
HVAC Equipment Commands
How to Make Dashed Ductwork
Roof, Glass, and Wall Types
Missing Roof Load
Removing Duct Labels
Ductwork Hidden By Circles


How to Change Breaker Size Feeding a Panel or Other One-Line Device
Aiming Lamps Separately
Minimum Conduit Size
Connecting 240V Panel to a 208V Panel
How to Create a Motor Connection with No Disconnect
Creating Devices with 2 Circuits (Such as Modular Furniture)
Show NEMA Rating in Equipment Schedule, not on Drawing
Inserting Equipment on One-Line Diagram
Three-Phase Lighting Circuits
Copying or Moving Panels to Another Drawing
50 Hz Electrical Systems
Assigning 3D Blocks
Disconnected Receptacles Error and Fix

New Wishlist Requests

Below is a list of recent ideas on our wishlist. 

Customers regularly share ideas about what they would like us to add to the software. What we don't know is how many other people are interested in the idea. If you see something that looks interesting to you, vote for it. We prioritize features based upon the number of votes and the difficulty to implement. Knowing whether other people are interested in an idea or not helps us know if we should spend development time on it or on something else.


Remove "DM HVAC", "DM Elec", and "DM Plumb" from AutoCAD window titlebar


Support paralleled generators connected to switchboard


Equipment airflow available
Equipment in takeoffs
System capacity for mechanical equipment
Label and leader for mechanical equipment
Change default "max depth" setting for ductwork