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Design Master July 2017 Newsletter

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Design Master Photometrics Helps the City of Hagerstown Light Department Save Money and Do More Work in Less Time

For more than 75 years, the City of Hagerstown Maryland’s Light Department (HLD) has been dedicated to providing safe and reliable electric power at the most economical possible cost. Jason M. Bachtell, HLD’s Staff/Electrical Engineer, has been using Design Master Photometrics for about eighteen months on all types of lighting projects. “Lighting is time-consuming to get right, so we were looking for something that was less cumbersome than the manufacturer-provided photometric programs,” explains Mr. Bachtell. “Design Master Photometrics meets that need really well and lets us quickly lay out and evaluate different lighting options.”

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Support Articles from the June and July Archives


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Residential Feeder Load Calculation Quick Start: How to calculate dwelling unit feeder loads.