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Design Master February 2018 Newsletter

Table of Contents

Results from the 2017 MEP BIM Survey

This is the eighth year we have conducted our annual survey on the use of building information modeling (BIM) by engineers and designers in the MEP industry. Here is what we have learned:

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Weekly Training

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Recordings of previous classes are available online.

Electrical for Revit Recordings

Electrical for AutoCAD Recordings

HVAC for AutoCAD Recordings

Here is the schedule for the next two months:

February 8, 2018: Electrical for Revit
Creating Custom Families

February 15, 2018: Electrical for AutoCAD
Wire Sizing Customization

February 22, 2018: HVAC for AutoCAD
Ventilation Calculations

March 1, 2018: One-line Diagrams (Electrical for Revit and Electrical for AutoCAD)
Feeder IDs

March 8, 2018: Electrical for Revit
Circuit Descriptions

March 15, 2018: Electrical for AutoCAD
Photometric Calculations

March 22, 2018: HVAC for AutoCAD
Ductwork Sizing

March 29, 2018: Photometrics for AutoCAD
Overview of Photometrics
Light Fixture Settings

Marque Engineering Gains a Competitive Edge on Speed, Quality and Profitability with Design Master Electrical

Marque Engineering is a full-service firm offering mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, design and consulting services. The company uses Design Master Electrical on all its projects that involve electrical work. “As a new firm in the area, being able to hit the ground running on electrical projects with our very experienced team has been a huge benefit that Design Master Electrical has offered us,” states process specialist and electrical designer Shane Housh. “It allows us to focus on engineering rather than on drafting.”

Read more about Marque Engineering.

New Support Articles


Training Recording: Diffusers
Training Recording: Pressure Drop Calculations

Electrical for AutoCAD

Training Recording: Equipment Connections & Panel Schedule Customization
Training Recording: Recurring Panels
Training Recording: Master Groups and Labels
Showing Voltage Drop on First Panel
Balancing Loads on Panels
Panel Schedule Customization Example

Electrical for Revit

Training Recording: The “Panel Edit” Command
Training Recording: Motor Calculations

One-Line Diagrams (Electrical for AutoCAD and Electrical for Revit)

Training Recording: Feeder Drafting Techniques
Training Recording: Notes and Labels
Training Recording: Creating One-Line Diagram Blocks with Labels
Training Recording: Drafting Repeated Elements in One-Line Diagrams
Turning Off Feeder IDs
Changing Feeder ID Block Graphics
Creating Switchboard Blocks that Expand Automatically
Inserting Spare Breakers


Training Recording: Photometric Groups and Light Fixtures

Support Articles from the December, January, and February Archives


Importing and Exporting Layer Systems
Linking or Importing an IFC File into Revit
Using Project Customization on New Projects
How to Print a Master Schedule
Customizing Schedule Columns
Project Database File Name


Export Load Calculations to Excel
Correctly Using ASHRAE 62.1 or IMC Ventilation Calculations
Ventilation or Psychrometric Airflow Values are 0
How to Hatch Ductwork
Changing Duct Offset in the Middle of a Duct Run
Ductwork Centerline Width
HVAC Equipment Commands
How to Make Dashed Ductwork
Roof, Glass, and Wall Types
Missing Roof Load
Removing Duct Labels
Ductwork Hidden By Circles
Exporting Ductwork in IFC Format


How to Change Breaker Size Feeding a Panel or Other One-Line Device
Aiming Lamps Separately
Minimum Conduit Size
Connecting 240V Panel to a 208V Panel
How to Create a Motor Connection with No Disconnect
Creating Devices with 2 Circuits (Such as Modular Furniture)
Show NEMA Rating in Equipment Schedule, not on Drawing
Inserting Equipment on One-Line Diagram
Three-Phase Lighting Circuits
Copying or Moving Panels to Another Drawing
50 Hz Electrical Systems
Assigning 3D Blocks
Disconnected Receptacles Error and Fix
Turning Off 3D Blocks
Rooms Labels in Circuit Descriptions
Error When Copying Electrical Devices