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Design Master Plumbing 4.1

Released April 28, 2014.

The following is a list of new and updated features in Design Master Plumbing 4.1. The requests from our public wish list are highlighted.

Total Flow Label: A new value was added to pipe labels that will display the total flow in the pipe instead of the flow separated into the various flow categories.

Separate Plan View and Isometric Pipe Labels: Pipe labels are separated between the plan view and the isometric. Labels in each area can be set to be different. (Requested on the wishlist.)

Transparent Pipes: Pipes can be marked as transparent. Transparent pipes work the same as transparent ducts do in Design Master HVAC. They are inserted on a non-plotting layer, so they will not be printed on your final drawing. They remain connected to other pipes and will transfer flow. Transparent pipes are commonly used when you need to transfer flow through a piece of equipment.

Export 3D-BIM to DWG File: Three new commands were added to export the 3D model to a DWG file instead of an IFC file.