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Equipment Connections and Motors

Turn to Design Master Electrical for your complete electrical design and drafting solution. It creates equipment connections and installs motors.


We recognize there can be differences in how you want to handle equipment connections and motors in a project. So you have two choices. Place them on your drawing, if you know where they go. Or input equipment connections and motors to your project database. You don’t have to wait until you have location information to make equipment part of a project.

Design Master Chooses Circuit Breaker and Wire Sizes

Enter the load or MCA/MOCP on your equipment, and Design Master will automatically use the information you’ve entered to choose the correct circuit breaker and wire size for your equipment.

Design Master Updates Equipment Changes Across Your Entire Project

As with everything else we’ve automated, you can expect Design Master to recalculate if you make any changes to equipment. Add, subtract or modify—the panels connected with the change update to reflect the new information.

So, modify that motor with confidence. The load, breaker or wire size, or circuit description will change in the panel schedule if necessary. The equipment schedule will also reflect the new information.

“There’s no comparison in terms of how fast we can do a project with Design Master compared with other methods.”

Shane Housh, Marque Engineering
Cincinnati, OH

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