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Panel Schedules and Service Load Calculations

Turn to Design Master Electrical for your complete electrical design and drafting solution. It keeps track of your panel schedules, while also performing feeder and service load calculations.


Automate the tracking of loads on your panel schedules. All you do is connect devices to the panel, and Design Master does the rest of the work for you.

Are design changes frustrating with your current CAD process? Does each change create a ripple-back effect, where you must confirm the accuracy of loads and panel schedules? Stop depending on memory and manual calculations. Eliminate the margin for error.

Design Master Manages Panel Schedules Automatically

Design Master populates your panel schedules as you lay the design out on the drawing. Then, it updates the schedules as you tweak the design. So whether you need to change one or multiple circuits on a floor plan, your panel stays accurate.

You can trust that the breaker sizes and circuit loads will update within the panel schedule.

In addition, you can trust the total load on the panel that Design Master calculates for you. The software implements the rules and language of the NEC as you place devices on the drawing. You can also choose between the general calculation method, or one of the optional calculation methods available for dwelling units.

Design Master Manages Panel Connections

Because Design Master knows how the panels are connected, it’s able to transfer loads from the branch panels back to the main service. Because you don’t have to transfer values manually, you save time. Also, you don’t make mistakes transferring the values.

But most importantly, you get instant feedback. You see the impact a change makes immediately. You know whether the change requires adjustments to other areas of your project.

“Design Master is so easy to use, it’s fun! We’d be hard-pressed to run our business now without it.”

W. Chelsae Knight, PE
APEX Engineering Corporation
Centreville, MS

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