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Pricing for Electrical and HVAC for AutoCAD

All purchases include the license, technical support by phone and email, and upgrades while the subscription is active.

Single-User Floating
Monthly Annual
(Save 20%)
Monthly Annual
(Save 20%)
Design Master Electrical $125 / month $100 / month
(Billed at $1,500 $1,200 / year)
$313 / month $250 / month
(Billed at $3,756 $3,000 / year)
Design Master HVAC $104 / month $84 / month
(Billed at $1,248 $1,008 / year)
$260 / month $208 / month
(Billed at $3,120 $2,496 / year)
Design Master Classic
(HVAC and Electrical)
$188 / month $150 / month
(Billed at $2,256 $1,800 / year)
Not available Not available

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Single-User vs Floating Licenses

Single-User License

A single-user license allows one person to use the software. They may use it on as many different machines as they want. Single-user licenses cannot be shared. Each person who uses the software in your company needs a single-user license.

Single-User Quantity Discounts

5+ Single-User Licenses: 5% Discount
10+ Single-User Licenses: 10% Discount
20+ Single-User Licenses: 20% Discount

Floating License

A floating license allows one person to use the software at a time. These are shared licenses that allow multiple different people to use the software, just not at the same time. You are allowed to install the software on laptop or home computers, provided that they are not the primary computers used by anyone for work.

Complete information about how floating licenses work is available on this page.

Bundled License (Classic)

The bundled Classic license allows a single user to use both HVAC and Electrical.

If you have one person who is going to be using both HVAC and Electrical, the bundled Classic license is recommended.

If you have two people, one who is using HVAC and one who is using Electrical, you should buy a license for each of those programs. A bundled Classic license would not be able to be used in this situation.


New customers can purchase licenses by credit card using the links in the pricing table above. You will receive your license information once the payment has been processed.

Existing customers will receive a renewal invoice via email, which will include a link to pay by credit card.

To pay by check or purchase order, contact us.