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Design Master Electrical RT AutoCAD Add-in 1.3.0

Released September 24, 2018.

The following is a list of new and updated features in Design Master Electrical RT AutoCAD Add-in 1.3.

Distribution Equipment Order: Added an option to control the order distribution equipment is ordered during the automatic generate commands. The options are breaker size, circuit number, distance, and equipment name.

Panel Tabs: A new graphic style that we call Panel Tabs is available for panel outlines in the one-line diagram. Adding a tab to a panel adds additional linework to the outline.

New Distribution Equipment Labels: Added new labels are available on the one-line diagram. New labels on distribution equipment include connected load in amps, calculated load in amps, equipment fed from, and ground wire size. New labels on feeders include ground wire size and circuit voltage.

Feeder ID Based on Callout and Ampacity: Feeder ID values are based upon the feeder callout and ampacity, instead of just the feeder callout.

Previously, feeders that used the same size wire, such as a 125A and 150A feeder, would use the same feeder ID. This labeling was confusing.

Now the feeder ID is also based upon the ampacity so that a wire size that is used for multiple feeder ampacities can have multiple labels.

Better Feeder IDs for Equipment vs Service Grounds: Feeders that use a service ground are now labeled consistently. The ground wire size for a feeder depends upon whether it is being sized based upon NEC 250.102 or NEC 250.122. Previously, the feeder ID assigned to the wire callout was not consistent for the different ground sizes.