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Design Master Electrical RT

Released February 13, 2023.

Design Master Electrical RT 2.1 will consist of smaller, more frequent updates. The first update, Design Master Electrical RT 2.1.1, includes three new features, detailed below.

We also added the following shared parameters for displaying Revit values on the one-line diagram:

Override Review Command

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The Override Review command lists all of the settings you have changed from the default value in the Panel Edit, Circuit Edit, and Instance Edit commands. The settings changed and their respective values are displayed. The Comment column allows you to enter a freeform text note documenting why each setting was changed. The full list can be exported to Excel for processing outside of our software.

Customization Export and Import Toggles

The Customization->Export and Customization->Import commands now have toggles to control which customization settings will be transferred. These toggles allow you to update some of your settings instead of all of them.

Ground Type Column Added to Feeder ID Schedules

The Project Feeder ID Schedule and Master Feeder ID Schedule commands now include a Ground Type column. When automatically generating feeder IDs, the software differentiates between feeders with a service ground (NEC 250.102) or equipment ground (NEC 250.122), even if the ground size is the same. This column makes it easier to understand why certain feeder IDs are being generated.

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