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Assigning 3D Blocks

Posted on January 11th, 2010. Last updated on June 15th, 2023.

Each entity in Design Master Electrical has a 2D and 3D block associated with it.

The default 3D block name is the name of the 2D block, with “-3D” appended to it. For example, if your block is named “dm_elec-rec-duplex”, the default 3D block would be “dm_elec-rec-duplex-3d”.

It is possible to assign a specific block with a different name to be used as the 3D block. To do this, open the block customization dialog box using the (Type) Blocks->Edit Project List command. For example, to assign the receptacle block above, go to Receptacle Blocks->Edit Project List.

For each entry in the list, there are columns labeled Block Name and 3D Block Name. Change the 3D Block Name value to match the file name of the 3D block you want to use.

If multiple 2D blocks share a common 3D block, the 3D Block Name column allows you to reuse them without creating multiple copies.

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