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Using Project Customization on New Projects

Posted on January 22nd, 2010. Last updated on June 14th, 2023.

When you make customization changes in Design Master, you can confine the changes to the project you are working on by using the various Edit Project List commands.

Ribbon: DM: Customization->Project Customization-> (Desired List)

Pulldown Menu: DM->Customization-> (Desired List) ->Edit Project List

These changes are reflected in your current project but do not affect other projects or any new projects.

To use these customizations in other projects, they must be copied to the standards or master databases. The standards and master databases are used when new projects are created.

You can copy them using the various Copy Project List to Standards/Master commands. There is a separate command for each customization area. If you made changes in multiple areas, you will need to copy each separately.

Ribbon: DM: Customization->Project Customization->Copy (List) to Standards/Master

Pulldown Menu: DM->Customization-> (Desired List) ->Copy Project List to Standards/Master

You can update a project that you have already started by using the various Copy Standards/Master List to Project commands.

Ribbon: DM: Customization->Master & Standards Customization->Copy (List) to Project

Pulldown Menu: DM->Customization-> (Desired List) ->Copy Standards/Master List to Project

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