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Creating a Custom Diffuser Callout Block

Posted on April 15th, 2010. Last updated on June 14th, 2023.

Create the Callout Block

  1. Open the drawing file that you want to use as the custom diffuser callout. If you do not already have a drawing made for the callout, make the drawing.
  2. Scale the entities in the drawing so that everything is the size it should appear when printed on paper. If you want your text 1/10″ high, it should be 0.1 units high in the drawing. If you want the callout to be 1″ wide, it should be 1.0 units wide in the drawing.
  3. Determine the locations where leaders should connect to this block. If the leader is pointing left, it will start at the location we will call “leader left.” If the leader is pointing right, it will start at the location we will call “leader right.”
  4. Move the leader left point to 0,0.
  5. Create an attribute with a Tag set to WIDTH. This attribute will control the location where a leader pointing right is inserted.
  6. Measure the distance between leader left and leader right. Set the Prompt and Default values for the attribute to this width.
  7. In the Mode section, check the Invisible box.
  8. Insert the attribute on the drawing. It does not matter where this attribute is located.
  9. Use the BASE command and set the base point for the drawing to 0,0.
  10. There are three attributes Design Master HVAC will fill in with information on the drawing: CFM, CALLOUT, and NECK. Your callout can contain these attributes, but none of them are required. Set the Tag, Prompt, and Default value to the name of the attribute (either CFM, CALLOUT, or NECK). Set the text style and height on the attribute. These values will not be changed when the callout block is inserted on the drawing.
  11. Save the drawing file as “dm_hvac-diffusercallout.dwg” to your “HVAC Customization” folder.

Using the Block in New Projects

To use the callout block in new projects, use the Options->Edit Standards List command.

In the Diffusers section, set the Diffuser callout option to Custom block.

Using the Block in Existing Projects

To use the callout block in an existing project:

  1. Use the Options->Edit Project List command.
  2. In the Diffusers section, set the Diffuser callout option to Custom block.
  3. Use the Redefine Block in this Drawing command on a diffuser callout already on the drawing.
  4. Insert a new diffuser on the drawing and confirm that the callout looks correct.
  5. Move the callout using the Insert or Move Callout command and make sure that the leader is working correctly. Erase this new diffuser if you do not need it in the project.
  6. Run the Coordinate Drawings and Database command to update the callouts for diffusers already inserted on the drawing.

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