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Curved Walls

Posted on May 4th, 2010. Last updated on September 20th, 2018.

There is no functionality to insert curved walls on a drawing.

To insert a curved wall on a room, approximate the curve using multiple points.

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Duct-Mounted Diffusers

Design Master HVAC does not have a command specifically for inserting or connecting duct-mounted diffusers and grilles. However, you can approximate them by inserting the diffuser close to the duct to which it is mounted.


“Locked Layer” Error Message

Design Master typically unlocks any locked layers it needs to use to function. If it can’t, it will display an error message telling you to unlock the layers.


DM Entities Insert Skewed or in the Wrong Location

If your Design Master entities come in skewed or in a different location than the one you specified, try resetting your drawing view to “Top” and reinserting.


ASHRAE Glass Zone, Roof, and Wall Types

These charts illustrate the difference between the available glass zone, roof, and wall types defined by ASHRAE.


Dialog Box Keyboard Shortcuts

Many Design Master dialog boxes can be navigated using keyboard shortcuts. Here is a table of common shortcuts and instructions on how to find what shortcuts are available in each dialog box.


Ventilation or Psychrometric Airflow Values are 0

If your building load calculations don’t show any outside air, ventilation load, or airflow, you must modify your project information or insert supply diffusers with airflow on your drawing.