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How to View Hidden Lines

Posted on May 5th, 2010. Last updated on June 25th, 2019.

Design Master HVAC uses the hidden line functionality built into your CAD program to display hidden lines. The hidden lines will not automatically appear while you are working on your project.

To view them, type HIDE at the command line. This will display the hidden lines. However, it will disable the real-time zoom and pan features. To turn them back on, type REGEN. This command will remove the hidden lines and enable the real-time zoom and pan.

Plotting Hidden Lines

Troubleshooting Hidden Lines

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Common Problems with Hidden Lines

If you experience issues plotting hidden lines, check your scale, SPLFRAME, and HIDEPRECISION settings.


How to Plot Hidden Lines

Instructions on how to plot hidden lines in AutoCAD from paper space and model space.


Ductwork Hidden By Circles

Ductwork drawn underneath a circle will become hidden if you use the HIDE command. Here are some workarounds for this issue.


Bring Objects in Front of Ductwork

Use the Move Entity Above/Below Ductwork commands to set whether objects on the drawing should be hidden by ductwork when using the standard CAD HIDE command.


How to Make Dashed Ductwork

You can set your ductwork to be drawn with dashed lines using the Layers customization command.


Duct-Mounted Diffusers

Design Master HVAC does not have a command specifically for inserting or connecting duct-mounted diffusers and grilles. However, you can approximate them by inserting the diffuser close to the duct to which it is mounted.