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Photometrics: Multiple Heads on a Fixture

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

To model a light fixture with multiple heads for point-by-point photometrics, each head must be inserted as a separate light fixture. You can simply insert multiple light fixtures that are arranged to look like a single fixture, but this will result in quantity counts that are wrong.

To model light fixtures with multiple heads and keep accurate quantity counts:

  1. Run the Light Fixture Project Schedule command.
    • Ribbon: DM Electrical->Devices-> dm_elec-ltgPS Light Fixture Project Schedule
      DM Photometrics->Schedule-> dm_photo-ltgPS Project Schedule
    • Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Light Fixtures->Light Fixture Project Schedule
      DM Photometrics->Light Fixture Project Schedule
  2. Create a light fixture that represents the fixture itself. Choose an appropriate graphic.
  3. Enter information for the description, model, etc., as this entry will appear when you insert the light fixture schedule on the drawing.
  4. (DM Electrical only) If you want to circuit the light fixture, enter values for the total load.
  5. Create a second fixture that represents a single head on the light fixture. Choose an appropriate graphic.
  6. Select an IES file for the fixture and/or enter information such as the lamp depreciation manually.
  7. Uncheck the Include in Schedule box.
  8. Save changes and close the dialog box.
  9. Run the Insert Light Fixture command.
    • Ribbon: DM Electrical->Devices-> dm_elec-ltginsert Insert Light Fixture
      DM Photometrics->Light Fixtures-> dm_photo-ltginsert Insert
    • Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Light Fixtures->Insert Light Fixture
      DM Photometrics->Insert Light Fixture
  10. Insert the first light fixture on the drawing.
  11. Run the Insert Light Fixture command again.
  12. Insert the second light fixture on the drawing, centered on the insertion point of the first light fixture.
  13. Continue inserting the second light fixture for each head.

If you need to insert multiple light fixtures of this type, you can use the standard COPY command.

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