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Backing Up and Transferring Customization Files

Posted on August 19th, 2010. Last updated on March 7th, 2024.

What Is Stored in the Customization Folders

All Design Master programs create a “Customization” folder where all of your custom settings are stored. The files include, but are not limited to:

  • Master and standards databases
  • Block drawings
  • Slides

Where the Folders are Located

To see where your customization folder is located, use the Installation Settings command.

Ribbon: DM->Utilities->  ->Installation Settings

Pulldown Menu: DM->Help->Installation Settings

The customization folder location is provided in the Customization Folder field. The default location for a local install is C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Design Master Software\<Program Type> Customization where <User Name> is the name you use to log in to your computer.

Backing Up the Customization Folder

To back up your Design Master installation, the most important files to protect are the ones in your customization folder. The files in the main Design Master folder are part of the standard installation package and can be easily recreated by reinstalling the software.

You should include all of the customization folders in your normal backup routine.

Moving the Customization Folder to a New Computer

If you made customizations to Design Master and need to move it to a new computer, copy the entire folder from one computer to the other. You should install Design Master on the new computer first so that the customization folder exists. When you copy the files, overwrite the ones that are already there.

There are two situations where this commonly happens:

  • You are a single user and you purchased a new computer. In this case, you need to copy the files from the local folder on your original computer to the local folder on your new computer.
  • You are moving from a single-user to a multiple-user installation. In this case, you need to copy the files from your local folder to the network folder.

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