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Changing Circuit Descriptions

Posted on August 24th, 2010. Last updated on June 14th, 2023.

When you connect devices to a circuit, the circuit description is filled in automatically. To change a description on a circuit, you typically need to change the connected devices rather than the circuit itself.

The load description for each device is listed in the circuit. If more than one device has the same description, it is only included once.

Here are the ways you can change the description.

Panels and Other Distribution Equipment

If the circuit is a connection to another panel or distribution equipment, you need to make the change in the downstream panel. Use the Edit Distribution Equipment command.

Select the equipment you want to edit from the list.

In the Feeder Specification section on the right side of the dialog box, there is a Description in Upstream Device checkbox. Check the box and enter the new description in the field provided.

Light Fixtures

If light fixtures are connected to the circuit, you need to make the change in the light fixture schedule. Use the Light Fixture Project Schedule command.

On the right side of the dialog box, the settings for each load are listed. You can provide a different Load Description for each load. This description will be used in the circuit.


If receptacles are connected to the circuit, you can make the change in the receptacle schedule or on the individual receptacle. If you change it in the schedule, it will be changed for all receptacles of that type in your project. If you change it for the individual receptacle, it will only be changed for that receptacle. That receptacle will ignore any future changes to the description in the schedule.

Receptacle Project Schedule

Use the Receptacle Project Schedule command.

The Panel Description for each load is listed in the Default Loads section on the right side of the dialog box. This is the default value used in the circuit description for receptacles.

Individual Receptacles

Use the Query Device command.

Select the receptacle to edit.

On the right side of the dialog box, there is an Override Schedule Load checkbox. Check the box and enter the new description in the Panel Description field provided.


If equipment is connected to the circuit, you need to edit the individual equipment connection settings. Use the Query Device command.

Select the equipment to edit.

The default setting for the Panel Description is Same as Equipment Callout. When this is selected, the panel description will match the callout. You can select Custom to enter a different circuit description in the field provided.

Fixed Circuits

You can add a description to a specific circuit using the Circuiting command.

In the Circuit Information section on the right side of the dialog box, you can set the Description field to what you want to display in the circuit description.

If the circuit does not have any devices connected to it, this will replace the default SPACE or SPARE text for the circuit.

If the circuit has devices connected, the description will be added to the front of the automatic circuit description. It does not override the descriptions that are already there.

Room Labels

Room labels can automatically be inserted in circuit descriptions. To enable this setting, go to the Circuits, Load Types, and Wire Sizes section of the Options command.

In the Circuits, Load Types, and Wire Sizes section, set the Include room names in circuit descriptions option to Yes.

For this to work, the rooms in the building must have been defined using the Create Room command.

All of the rooms that the devices on the circuit are in will be listed at the end of the circuit description.

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