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Updating Panel Schedule Blocks Already on the Drawing

Posted on August 23rd, 2010. Last updated on June 15th, 2023.

After you customize a panel schedule block, you need to redefine the block in any drawings where the schedules have already been inserted.

The simplest way to do this is to completely remove and reinsert the panel schedules:

  1. Open the drawing where the panel schedules appear.
  2. Use the standard ERASE command to remove all panel schedules from the drawing.
  3. Use the standard PURGE command.
  4. Press the Purge All button.
  5. Answer Yes or Yes to All to any prompts.

This process will remove the block definition from your drawing.

Reinsert one panel schedule on the drawing and confirm that it appears correct. If it does, insert the rest of your schedules. If not, go back to the original drawings, make changes, then repeat this process to update your drawing.

Other Ways to Redefine Panel Schedule Blocks

There are two other ways to redefine blocks. These methods will not update attribute definitions. Any changes you made to the attributes will not be reflected on the drawing. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of how block updates work in AutoCAD.

  • Use the Redefine Block on this Drawing command. You will be prompted to select the block to update.
  • Use the standard INSERT command. Press the Browse button in the dialog box to select the block you want to redefine. Once you have selected the block, press the OK button. You will be prompted if you want to redefine the block in the drawing. Answer Yes to this prompt. You can then cancel the INSERT command. It is not necessary to insert the block on the drawing to redefine it.

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