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Design Master Text is Rotated

Posted on September 28th, 2010. Last updated on April 25th, 2024.

Problem: When you insert text using Design Master, it is rotated at an odd angle.

Solution: This can happen when the standard DVIEW command has been used to rotate the background. This often happens when working with a rotated UCS. The solution is to untwist the drawing, then rotate it using the standard ROTATE command.

  1. Type DVIEW at the command line. You will be prompted to select objects.
  2. Type ALL. You will be prompted to select objects again.
  3. Press ENTER. You will be prompted to enter an option.
  4. Type TW for twist. You will be prompted for the twist angle.
  5. Make a note of the current twist angle listed between the angled brackets. You will need this value in a later step.
  6. Type 0. Everything on your drawing will rotate. This undoes the twist that is causing the problem with Design Master.
  7. Type ROTATE. You will be prompted to select objects.
  8. Type ALL. You will be prompted to select objects again.
  9. Press ENTER. You will be prompted to specify a base point.
  10. Type 0,0. You will be prompted to specify a rotation angle.
  11. Enter the angle from step 5 above. This will rotate the background back to what it was before.

Everything should be rotated the same way it was when you started, except the Design Master text should be drawn correctly.

You may need to zoom or pan around the drawing to locate your building, depending upon how it was located in the drawing.

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