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The Coordinate Drawings and Database Command

Posted on October 3rd, 2010. Last updated on March 7th, 2024.

The Coordinate Drawings and Database command is frequently used to fix errors and recover information that the CAD program has lost.

Ribbon: DM->Utilities->  ->Coordinate Drawings and Database

Pulldown Menu: DM->Utilities->Coordinate Drawings and Database

A dialog box will appear that lists all of the drawings in your project, as shown below. The current drawing will be highlighted. Typically, you only need to press the OK button to coordinate the current drawing. However, you can select multiple drawings to coordinate at once.

When you make changes to your drawing, these changes are immediately recorded in the database. They are not recorded in the drawing until you save. If AutoCAD or BricsCAD crashes before you save, or you close the drawing without saving, the database will have more recent information than the drawing. The Coordinate Drawings and Database command looks at the drawing and the database and makes sure that all of the information matches.

Changes to customization settings are not immediately reflected on drawings. If you change your customization settings in the middle of a project, use the Coordinate Drawings and Database command to update your drawings.

The Coordinate Drawings and Database command can often fix other errors in your project. It is never dangerous to run this command. A backup of the current drawing and database are made beforehand in case something unexpected happens when the command runs. You are welcome to run the command at any time. We will often recommend that you run it in response to an error you report to us.

If you are frequently having to run the command, that is typically a sign of something going wrong with the software. We encourage you to contact us if this is happening. Often, we can make a recommendation to your workflow or work with you to locate a bug so that you do not need to keep using the command.

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