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Displaying Hidden Lines on Pipes

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

When pipes run underneath Design Master HVAC ductwork, it is possible to automatically convert them to hidden lines.

There is one limitation when doing this: the pipes must use a CONTINUOUS linetype. It is not possible to both use a non-CONTINUOUS linetype and automatically insert hidden lines.

To hide pipes below ductwork, use the Pipe Types commands.

Ribbon: DMP: Customization->Project Customization-> dm_plumb-pipeTypesP Pipe Types

Pulldown Menu: DM Plumbing->Customization->Pipe Types->Edit Project List

The last column is labeled Hide Pipes Below Ductwork. Check the box in that column for pipes that should be hidden.

Press the OK button to save your changes, then run the Update Drawing Graphics command to update all of the pipes that are already inserted on your drawing.

Ribbon: DMP: Customization->Project Customization->Update Drawing Graphics

Pulldown Menu: DM Plumbing->Customization->Update Drawing Graphics

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