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Connecting Ducts Between Floors

Posted on November 20th, 2013. Last updated on June 14th, 2023.

There are two ways to connect ductwork between floors of a building, depending upon whether the floors are on the same drawing or different drawings.

Floors on the Same Drawing

If your floors are all in the same drawing, draw your vertical duct on each floor and connect them with a duct. Query the connecting duct and set the Graphics to Transparent. That will keep the air flowing between the floors, but not actually draft anything. If you use our pressure drop calculations, set the pressure drop in the section to 0.

Floors on Different Drawings

If your floors are on different drawings, use the Insert Drawing to Drawing Connection command to connect the drawings.

The Ductwork Across Multiple Floors section of the Design Master HVAC tutorial shows how the command is used.

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Design Master HVAC does not have a command specifically for inserting or connecting duct-mounted diffusers and grilles. However, you can approximate them by inserting the diffuser close to the duct to which it is mounted.


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Ductwork Double Lines Are Overextended

If double lines are being drawn past where the duct centerline ends, you may need to straighten some of your ducts.