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One-Line Diagrams: Creating Your Model in AutoCAD or BricsCAD

Posted on December 11th, 2015. Last updated on June 14th, 2023.

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This article describes how to set up your electrical model in AutoCAD or BricsCAD using Design Master Electrical.

Create Distribution Equipment


Use the commands in the Distribution Equipment section of the ribbon or pulldown menu to create the distribution equipment to be included in the one-line diagram.

Press the Plan View and One-Line Diagram Block Settings button to set some values specific to how the distribution equipment will appear on the one-line diagram.

If you are using the Generate Riser command, you must specify the elevation of the distribution equipment. If you generate the riser after the distribution equipment has been inserted on your plan view drawings, the elevations should work out correctly. If you are generating the riser first, use the Relative to ground option and set the absolute elevation for each piece of distribution equipment manually.

The Insert Feeder to Distribution Equipment checkbox controls whether there is a feeder to the piece of distribution equipment. Turn this off for equipment that is directly connected to the upstream equipment and does not need a feeder displayed.

The Initial Block field controls the block that is first used during the Generate One-Line and Generate Riser commands for the equipment, which are covered in the Automatic Generation and Customization Options article. Changing this value will not change the block once it is inserted on the drawing; instead, you can use the Change Graphics command to change the block used for that piece of equipment.

The Initial Fed From field is used during the Generate Riser command to control whether the equipment is fed from the top or bottom. The initial feeder will approach the equipment from this direction. Changing this value will not change the feeder route once it is inserted on the drawing; if adjustments need to be made, you must make them manually.

The Upstream OCP Block field controls the graphics used for the OCP shown on the feeder coming to this distribution equipment.

The Circuit OCP Block field controls the graphics used for the OCP for the feeders coming from this distribution equipment.

Connecting Distribution Equipment


Use the Connect Distribution Equipment in Database command to connect distribution equipment to each other.

The Breaker / Tap, Top Lugs, and Feedthrough selection will change how the feeder is connected between the two pieces of distribution equipment.

Use the Set Connection Layer System button to control the layer on which the feeder is inserted.

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