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The Circuiting Command

Posted on September 21st, 2017. Last updated on October 25th, 2018.

How to use the Circuiting command in Design Master Electrical.


We look at the following topics related to the Circuiting dialog box:

We also answer the following questions:

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Circuiting Shunt Trip Breakers

You can show shunt trip breakers on panel schedules by creating an additional circuit with no breaker or load.


Setting the Phase of Single-Phase Loads on Three-Phase Switchboards

For single-phase loads, you can specify the phase using the Starting Phase setting in the Circuiting dialog box.


Three-Phase Lighting Circuits

2-phase light fixtures can be connected to a 3-phase circuit using the Circuiting command.


Circuiting and Homeruns with Junction Boxes

You cannot circuit the junction box device type, but you can model a different device type after a junction box and circuit that.


Working Remotely With Design Master

Here are a few ways you can continue using Design Master collaboratively on projects while working remotely.


Dialog Box Keyboard Shortcuts

Many Design Master dialog boxes can be navigated using keyboard shortcuts. Here is a table of common shortcuts and instructions on how to find what shortcuts are available in each dialog box.