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The Generate One-Line and Generate Riser Commands

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Tips and tricks for how to better use the Generate One-Line and Generate Riser commands.


We look at the following topics for generating and customizing diagrams:

We also answer the following questions:

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Learn about the new Generate One-Line command. This new command automatically drafts your one-line based on the panels in your Revit model. Learn about all the settings and configuration options that are included to guide the output of the


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This video describes how to create a switchboard block for your one-line diagram that expands automatically when you run theĀ Generate One-Line command.


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If your Design Master entities come in skewed or in a different location than the one you specified, try resetting your drawing view to “Top” and reinserting.


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Some HVAC and Electrical reports can be exported as HTML files. Here are three easy ways to open those files in Excel.


Feeder ID Formats

You can select four different feeder ID formats in the customization options.