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Changing Feeder ID Block Graphics in DM Electrical for AutoCAD

Posted on February 6th, 2018. Last updated on June 14th, 2023.

To change the block used for feeder IDs in Design Master Electrical for AutoCAD, use the Insert Feeder Schedule command.

You can then change the Feeder ID Block value by entering a file name or pressing theĀ Browse button.

The following feeder ID blocks are available by default:

  • dm_elec-feederID-hex2.dwg
  • dm_elec-feederID-hex3.dwg (Shown below)
  • dm_elec-feederID-hex4.dwg
  • dm_elec-feederID-circle2.dwg
  • dm_elec-feederID-oval2.dwg
  • dm_elec-feederID-oval3.dwg (Shown below)
  • dm_elec-feederID-square.dwg
  • dm_elec-feederID-rectangle3.dwg (Shown below)
  • dm_elec-feederID-rectangle4.dwg

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