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Common Problems with Hidden Lines

Posted on September 21st, 2018. Last updated on June 24th, 2019.

If you are having problems plotting hidden lines, check the following settings.

  • LTSCALE typically should be set to the same value as DIMSCALE.
  • PSLTSCALE typically should be set to zero.
  • SPLFRAME must be set to zero.
  • Do not use XCLIPS on your XREF’s.
  • HIDEPRECISION must be set to 1.

The LTSCALE and PSLTSCALE settings listed above are for the default Design Master HVAC linetypes. If you are using your own linetypes for the hidden lines, those settings might need to be different. Consult the Help file for your CAD program for more information on those variables.

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Here are a few ways you can continue using Design Master collaboratively on projects while working remotely.


How to View Hidden Lines

Use the standard CAD command HIDE to view hidden lines, and the REGEN command to hide them again.


Duct-Mounted Diffusers

Design Master HVAC does not have a command specifically for inserting or connecting duct-mounted diffusers and grilles. However, you can approximate them by inserting the diffuser close to the duct to which it is mounted.


Stacked Fractions in CAD Labels

You can use in-line formatting to display some Design Master values as stacked fractions when they appear on the drawing.


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Use the Installation Settings command to see where your customization folder is located.


Ductwork Double Lines Are Overextended

If double lines are being drawn past where the duct centerline ends, you may need to straighten some of your ducts.