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Dialog Box Keyboard Shortcuts

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Many Design Master dialog boxes can be navigated using keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts available depend upon the dialog box.

To see which buttons and fields have an associated shortcut, press the ALT key. An underline will appear under a letter in the text of each button or field to denote its shortcut, as shown below.


In this case, the keyboard shortcut for the New button is ALT+N.

For keyboard shortcuts in the Circuiting dialog box in Design Master Electrical, see Inserting Fixed Loads Without Using the Mouse.

The table below lists keyboard shortcuts that are commonly available in schedule dialog boxes.



New Record ALT+N
Copy Record ALT+C
Save Record ALT+S
Delete Record ALT+D
Rename Record ALT+R
Find Record ALT+F
Previous Record ALT+, (Comma)
Next Record ALT+. (Period)
Select Group ALT+G
Move to Another Group ALT+M
Copy to Another Group ALT+O
Select Block ALT+B
Import from Another Database/Project Schedule ALT+I
Import from Master Schedule ALT+P

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Inserting Fixed Loads Without Using the Mouse

The Set Circuit Information dialog box allows you to use keyboard shortcuts for faster data entry.


People Diversity in Load Calculations

The people diversity for a zone can be set using the People Diversity section of the Zones dialog box.


Diffuser Face Dimensions

You can set the size of diffusers using three parameters in the diffuser schedule, available in the Face Dimensions section of the dialog box.


Manual J Calculations

Design Master does not specifically include Manual J as a calculation basis, but will provide results that are at least as precise.


Exporting Load Calculations (and Other HTML Outputs) to Excel

Some HVAC and Electrical reports can be exported as HTML files. Here are three easy ways to open those files in Excel.


4-Pole Transfer Switches

Design Master does not offer 4-pole voltage options for transfer switches; however, you can safely model them using a 3-pole voltage and notes.



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