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Exempt Callout on Light Fixtures

Posted on March 7th, 2019. Last updated on June 14th, 2023.

Problem: When you insert certain light fixtures, an additional block that you don’t want is inserted along with the light fixture.

Cause: This block, shown in the image, is a callout inserted on light fixtures that have been marked as Exempt in either the Light Fixture Project Schedule or the Insert Light Fixture dialog box. If you want the light fixture to be exempt but not display the callout, there are two solutions:

Solution 1: Remove the callout from specific light fixtures on the drawing using the Erase Part of Device command.

Select the callout and it will be removed.

Solution 2: Disable the callout for all light fixtures in the project using the Options command.

In the Light Fixtures section, find the Exempt lighting group block option. Erase the block name, then press the OK button to save your changes.

This will not affect light fixtures already inserted on the drawing. You will need to reinsert those light fixtures or use the Erase Part of Device command as described in Solution 1.

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