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Only Show Feeders in the Voltage Drop Schedule

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Q: Can I customize the voltage drop schedule to show voltage drop for feeders but not branch circuits?

A: Yes, by removing the columns for branch circuits from the schedule. Doing this has the added benefit of skipping branch circuits when calculating voltage drop, reducing the time it takes to perform the calculation.

You can set which columns are displayed on the schedule with the Voltage Drop Schedule Label Group customization command.

You can also press the Edit Title, Column Labels, and Column Order button in the Voltage Drop Schedule dialog box.

To set a column to not display, uncheck the box in the Display column. Do this for every Key related to branch circuits. The Total Voltage Drop column, which gives the sum of feeder and branch circuit voltage drop at the device, should also not be displayed.

The voltage drop schedule will be updated the next time you complete the Insert Voltage Drop Schedule command.

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