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Editing Circuit Descriptions With Circuit Edit

Posted on April 17th, 2020. Last updated on January 11th, 2024.

To take advantage of the circuit description features in ElectroBIM, you must use our commands to edit circuit descriptions rather than the usual methods in Revit (for more information, visit the Circuit Descriptions page in our user manual). Fortunately, our Circuit Edit command allows you to edit the circuit descriptions much in the same way you would change them in the Revit panel schedule.

Run the Circuit Edit command to open the dialog box shown below:

If you have a panel schedule open or have the distribution equipment selected in the model, the dialog box will open with that distribution equipment active. If you have a branch circuit device selected in the model, the dialog box will open with that circuit highlighted.

To edit a circuit description, select the Description for the circuit in the middle grid of the dialog box and start typing. Press ENTER or TAB to confirm the change, or ESC to discard the change. Pressing TAB will also highlight the description for the next circuit.

To reset a circuit description to its instance, family, or Revit default, delete the Description and press ENTER or TAB.

If the Description you enter is similar to the default circuit description (e.g., “Lighting 55” instead of “Lighting”), the Description Prefix or Description Suffix fields in the Circuit Details section will be populated with the change, as appropriate. If you enter something different (e.g., “LTG 55”), the Circuit Replacement field will be used. You can also edit these fields directly rather than using the Description column if you prefer.

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