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Main Disconnect Type Formula

Posted on February 16th, 2021. Last updated on January 17th, 2024.

Q: Is there a shared parameter I can use to write Revit formulas, such as if(), based upon a panel’s main disconnect type?

A: The DMEN_Panel_MainDisconnectType shared parameter returns a numeric value, which can be used in Revit formulas, based upon the main disconnect type:

  • MLO/Main lugs only = 0
  • MCB/Breaker = 1
  • FS/Fused switch = 2

Example Formula

Some engineers prefer that their panel schedules list the size of a breaker or fused switch main disconnect, or the bus size if the panel is main lugs only. To do this, follow these steps while editing the panel schedule template:

  1. Select where you want the value to appear on the schedule and run the Revit Calculated Value command. A dialog box will open.
  2. Enter the following values (enter anything for the Name field):
    • Discipline: Common
    • Type: Text
    • Formula: if(DMEN_Panel_MainDisconnectType = 0, DMET_Panel_BusAmps, DMET_Panel_MainDisconnectTripSize)
  3. Press the OK button to insert the formula on the schedule.

You can also create a shared parameter that uses the formula above, add the parameter to the panel family, and insert it on the panel schedule template.

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