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Stacked Fractions in CAD Labels

Posted on April 19th, 2023. Last updated on June 13th, 2023.

Q: How can I display stacked fractions (½) in Design Master labels, such as wire callouts and schedule fields, on my CAD drawing?

A: You can customize the label for the information you wish to show using the following in-line formatting:

{\H<Text height ratio>x;S<Numerator>#<Demoninator>;}

For example, if you want 1/2″ conduit to display as a stacked fraction in your wire callouts, in the Wire Sizing command, for the Conduit Size field, change the 1/2 part of the value to {\H0.7x;\S1#2;}. When the wire callout is shown on the drawing, the conduit size will render as ½ with the numerator and denominator sized to 70% of the normal text size (using default settings, this ratio results in a fraction that is roughly the same height as the rest of the label).

NOTE: In Design Master dialog boxes, any field that displays the information will show it exactly as entered. From the above example, callouts for feeders and branch circuits that use 1/2″ conduit will display {\H0.7x;\S1#2;} for the conduit size.

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