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Design Master Licensing FAQ

Posted on May 25th, 2023. Last updated on May 25th, 2023.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions concerning our licenses.

Floating licenses are a great solution if you have several people who will use the software, but not all at the same time. See our How Floating Licenses Work article for more information.

Yes. As long as other people are not using your computer and your Design Master license, you can install it on as many machines as you want.

No. There are no special requirements for activating or maintaining a floating license compared to a single-user license; everything is handled from our license server.

A floating license does not require anything special for how you install or use Design Master. Since you will have multiple users, we do recommend setting up Design Master on a network to ensure everyone is using the same standards and graphics.

For our Revit-based software, we recommend locating your customization folder, copying it to a network location everyone can access, and setting everyone's Design Master customization to that location.

For our CAD-based software, instructions for installing to a network are available here:

You will need an internet connection to activate your license initially.

Once your license has been activated, the software will check its status the first time you run a Design Master command each day. If it cannot validate your license, you will receive an error message, and a temporary "safety license" will kick in so you can continue working. You can continue using the software, provided you connect to the internet to validate your license before the safety license runs out.

This warning can appear for several reasons. If the license expires or its status cannot be verified, a temporary "safety license" will kick in so you can continue working. Sometimes, the problem resolves itself and no action is needed. If you continue receiving warnings for the same problem and do not resolve it, the safety license will run out and you will be unable to use the software.

Often, the solution is to run the Install/Update License command in the software and re-enter your license ID and password.

If you continue to receive warnings after re-entering your license ID and password, press the "Send an email" button in the warning dialog box. That will send us an email with diagnostic information about the problem.

Not in a strict sense. We monitor usage to ensure there aren't more users than license seats, but the license is not tied to a specific user or Autodesk license.

This is commonly asked when a Design Master user leaves the company. If that happens, you do not need to transfer or deactivate the previous user's credentials to have a new user activate their license.

No. Your license is the same across every version of the software we support.

Yes. We provide a licensing portal you can use to track who is using your license, deactivate licenses from old machines, and more.

See the Checking Your License Usage article in the knowledge base for more information.

The most likely reason is that the renewal has not been fully processed yet. During business hours, renewals are processed within an hour of payment. Renewals paid outside business hours are processed the following business day.

Sometimes, the expiration date gets updated on our licensing server, but your local machine hasn't updated. Re-enter your license ID and password in the software to force an update.

If you still receive an expiration warning after re-entering your license ID and password, or if you just paid your renewal and need the expiration date extended immediately, contact us.

Generally, no. As long as you renew for the same license type(s), your ID and password typically will not change.

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