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Error Copying Database to Backup Location

Posted on March 15th, 2024. Last updated on March 15th, 2024.

Problem: When using one of our CAD-based Design Master add-ins, you get an error similar to the following:

Error copying database to backup location.
<File Path>
You can continue to work on the project.

You may also get a database connection error when attempting to open a project that has been moved to a new location.

Cause: By default, Windows has a 256-character limit on file paths. If you attempt to create a file in a location such that the file name and its location exceeds 256 characters total, the file creation will fail. Similarly, if you move a file to a location such that the new location exceeds the character limit, the file can become unusable.

Design Master creates backups at certain intervals while you are working on a project. This error occurs when that backup cannot be created because the complete path to the backup file(s) would exceed the 256-character limit. As indicated by the error message highlighted above, this error will not stop you from working on your project; however, Design Master will be unable to create backups of your project, which can cause greater problems if the error is not addressed.

Solution 1: Shorten the file path for the project such that backup file paths no longer exceed the character limit. The exact steps to shorten the file path will depend on your situation, but can include:

  • Renaming one or more folders
  • Moving project files to a location with fewer subfolders
  • Renaming the project database file using the DM->Utilities-> ->Rename Database command

Solution 2: Disable the 256-character limit in Windows.

WARNING: This solution involves directly editing your Windows registry, which can render your computer unusable. As such, the solution will not be detailed here. Further research and steps toward this solution can be taken at your own risk. In addition, disabling the limit will only allow the files to be created; it does not solve database connection errors resulting from file path length.

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