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Design Master Electrical 8.6

Released July 9, 2019.

The following is a list of new and updated features in Design Master Electrical 8.6.

Breaker Curves

The major new feature in this release is the ability to assign time-current curves to breakers. The curves can then be used for selective coordination and arc-flash trip times.

Selective Coordination: Multiple breaker curves can be displayed on a time-current graph to allow you to coordinate your breakers.

Arc-Flash Trip Times: The arcing time in the arc-flash calculation can be calculated automatically using the breaker curve.


Wire Length Make-up

The Feeder Make-up option has been expanded from a single project value. The additional make-up settings provide greater control of calculated wire lengths.

Wire length make-up is additional length added to calculated distances between devices.

Feeder Length Make-up: Each piece of distribution equipment can have a separate feeder length make-up assigned.

Branch Circuit Length Make-up: Branch circuits can now have make-up included in the calculated length. A default branch circuit make-up length can be set for the project. The branch circuit make-up length can be set for each circuit on a piece of distribution equipment. Finally, the branch circuit make-up length can also be set for each individual branch circuit.



Branch Circuit Voltage Drop Calculation: Branch circuit voltage drop calculations can be performed on circuits without loops or homeruns being inserted on the drawing. The voltage drop is based on the average distance from the distribution equipment to the connected devices.


Arc-Flash Calculation: Arc-flash calculations have been updated to use IEEE Std 1584-2018.


General Lighting Calculation: Lighting loads calculated based on the area of the building can be specified as continuous or noncontinuous. This change applies to calculations using the Other row in NEC Table 220.42. It does not apply to the rows in that table related to specific building types or loads based upon light fixtures inserted on the drawing.


Distribution Equipment Attributes

Manufacturer and NEMA Fields: A manufacturer field and a NEMA rating field have been added to the list of notes available for distribution equipment. These notes can be displayed in the distribution equipment schedule header, on the distribution equipment lists, and on the one-line diagram.


Main Frame Size on Schedule Header: A main frame size can now be displayed on distribution equipment schedule headers.