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Design Master HVAC 7.1

Released October 10, 2011

The following is a list of new and updated features in Design Master HVAC 7.1. This release is a minor one focusing on adding specific requests from our users. Most of the requests came directly to use through emails and phone calls. The requests from our public wish list are highlighted.

Negative Equipment Loads: (Requested on wish list) Negative equipment loads are added to the heating load in the building load calculations. These loads are used to model open refrigeration cases in grocery stores.

Fixed Zone Supply CFM: The total supply airflow to the rooms in a zone can be fixed in the Zones dialog box. This feature is useful when modeling constant volume systems where the system provides more airflow that is required to cool the rooms.

Removing Callouts from Diffusers: (Requested on wish list) Individual diffuser callouts can be removed from the drawing. This command is helpful for cleaning up drawings that become cluttered with diffuser labels.

Default Diffuser Callout Insertion Options: The new command to remove callouts from the drawing prompted this new option when inserting diffusers. There are three choices for how diffuser callouts are handled when a new diffuser is inserted:

Project Explorer: The new Project Explorer command displays all the diffusers in your database in a single dialog box. You can use this view to browse the items in your project, find them on your drawings, and modify them if necessary.

Maximum Schedule Height: (Requested on wish list) The diffuser schedules can have a maximum height set. If the maximum height for the schedule is exceeded, the schedule is continued to the right of the insertion location.

Diffusers Update When Schedule Changed: When a new block or size is selected for a diffuser in the schedule, the diffusers of that type that are already inserted on the drawing are automatically updated.

User Options: There is a new User Options command. This command is used to set options that are specific to an individual user.

Delete Drawing: There is a new Delete Drawing command, similar to the existing Copy Drawing and Rename Drawing commands. This command will delete a drawing from your computer, and remove all the associated Design Master HVAC ductwork and diffusers from it. It automates the process of opening the drawing, erasing all the items on it, and then deleted the drawing.

Save Support Emails to Desktop: Design Master HVAC can send the current project to our support team when the software crashes or if you have a question. Some networks block the outgoing email protocols that we use. In these cases, the project is saved to your desktop and you have to send it manually.

Determining that the email cannot be sent can take a moment or two. If you know that you cannot send us email directly, you can enable this setting to bypass attempting to send the email and instead immediately save it to your desktop.

AutoCAD 2007 or Later Required: This release of Design Master HVAC will require AutoCAD 2007 or later. AutoCAD 2006 and earlier will no longer be supported.