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Design Master HVAC 7.3

Released April 28, 2014.

The following is a list of new and updated features in Design Master HVAC 7.3. The requests from our public wish list are highlighted.

Match Ducts and Match Diffusers: Added two new commands to copy the properties of a duct or a diffuser to other ducts and diffusers. (Requested on the wish list.)

Array Diffusers: Added two new commands that allow you to array diffusers.

Fittings in Takeoffs: The takeoff print out lists the fitting types and quantities.

Filter Takeoffs by Layer System: The takeoff quantities can be set to include or exclude specific layer systems.

Diffuser Connection Settings Based upon Diffuser Type: The Change Connection Type command can set the diffuser connection settings based upon the airflow of the diffuser. You can use this feature to set your supply diffusers to connect using flex duct and your return diffusers to connect using hard duct. (Requested on the wish list.)

Edit Multiple Changes: The Edit Multiple Ducts and Edit Multiple Diffusers command were modified to be more intuitive to use. The Edit Multiple Ducts command was broken into two separate commands. For the Edit Multiple Ducts command, you select specific ducts and modify them. For the new Edit Duct Branch command, you select a duct and modify all the ducts that it connects to.

Move Duct Run Command: Added a command to move a run of ductwork. You select and move a single piece of ductwork. All ductwork connected to the selected duct in a straight line is moved as well.

Export 3D-BIM to DWG File: Three new commands were added to export the 3D model to a DWG file instead of an IFC file.

New Load Map Types: The Display Load Calculation Map command was improved to include new values that can be mapped.

A new list labeled Area Type was added to the dialog box. You can map values for individual rooms, as before, or for zones.

New values that can be mapped include system check values (CFM / Ton, CFM / SF, or SF / Ton) and cooling peak times.

Removed the Insert Zone Map Command: The Insert Zone Map command has been removed. The functionality was moved into the Display Load Calculation Map command by selecting a zone for the Area Type, Zone Attributes for the Category, and Zone Grouping for the Value.

Fixed Zone Ventilation: Added a new field to zones, Room Ventilation Airflow Basis. You can use this field to set a specific ventilation airflow for the zone that is different from the value based upon the rooms in the zone. (Requested on the wish list.)