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Design Master Approved as Continuing Education Sponsor in New York

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

We are excited to announce that Design Master Software is now an approved provider of continuing education for New York. This means that if you are licensed in New York and attend our upcoming user conference, you will earn 9 hours of continuing education.

For most states, continuing education is self-reported when you renew your license. You are responsible for maintaining records of the courses you took and for taking classes that have relevant subject matter. In these states, our conference will count as 9 hours of continuing education.

However, the state of New York requires that providers be approved before their courses can count as continuing education. The courses must include the opportunity for students to have immediate interaction with the instructor. Online web courses that consist of reading and a test that are popular for continuing education in other states are not acceptable in New York.

New York requires 18 hours of approved continuing education courses every three years. Our conference is now a great opportunity for our customers licensed in that state to earn half of their required credits.