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Design Master January 2010 Newsletter

Happy New Year from Design Master! Thank you for using our software. Here are some updates about what is new at Design Master for 2010.

Table of Contents

LinkedIn Group

If you are on LinkedIn, join the new Design Master Software User group.


I have a new set of Design Master ribbon tabs for AutoCAD 2010. They will be included in the next release of our software, but if you want to try them now, they are available for you to use.

AutoCAD 2010, 64-bit, and Windows 7

We get a lot of people asking if Design Master works with AutoCAD 2010, 64-bit, or Windows 7. The answer to all three is yes. Our current release works in AutoCAD 2010 and Windows 7. You can use those right now. Our 64-bit version is currently in beta testing and being used by a number of customers. Contact me directly if you want to use our beta software on a 64-bit computer.

Customer Success Stories

Our most recent customer success story is from 2006, and we want to add some new stories about companies who are using Design Master successfully. If this is something you would be interested in, please let me know. We will handle all the writing. All we need from you is a short amount of time for a phone or email interview.