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Design Master February 2012 Newsletter

Table of Contents

New Features & Wish List Update

We are hard at work developing the next releases of Design Master HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing. The major features we are currently working on developing are pipe sizing and merge project.

We also have been working on a number of smaller features. These smaller features do not have as many votes as other features, but they were also not as difficult to implement. Some of these features that we have recently finished include:

If you voted for any of these features, your votes were returned to you. You can now use them to vote on other features.

Take a moment to visit our wish list and let us know what features you want to see us working on. Your feedback is important for helping us choose which features to implement.

Tips and Tricks: Project Explorer

What’s your favorite tip or trick when using our software? Often, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference in terms of productivity.

We’ll go first, with a tip that is helpful for all three programs. Project Explorer is a new feature that is incredibly useful for keeping track of everything in your project. If you’ve ever lost a device on your drawings, or had Design Master tell you there are 8 instances of a device in the project when you are sure there are only 4, you could benefit from this feature. It is available at the top of all the DM pulldown menus. It will list all the devices in your project and allow you to quickly find any that you want to investigate further.

Read other user's favorite tips and share your own on our Tips and Tricks blog post. You can also reply to this email and share your tip that way. We'll feature the best tips in future newsletters.

Proficient Engineering Gets the Job Done Ten Times Faster with Design Master HVAC & Electrical

Our customer story for February is Proficient Engineering, an MEP engineering firm in Atlanta, GA.

I can’t praise Design Master enough. It cuts the time it takes to produce our designs by about 90%. The software has saved us from having to hire four or five different people.
–Paul Kenney, PE, CEO

New MEP Ninja Comics

We've posted four new MEP Ninja comics since our last newsletter. Subscribe by email or RSS to be alerted as soon as a new comic is available. You can view the four new comics at these links: